The One-Minute Test — UIE Brain Sparks — Medium

16 June 2015

Interesting idea to get the most out of meetings...

Adactio: Journal—Web! What is it good for?

29 May 2015

Some great thought on the nature of the web

Awesome Dead Parrot Gif

26 May 2015

Just an swesome dead parott fig

Vim Key Mapping for Changing a CSS Property Value

20 May 2015

I'm quite pleased with my nifty Vim key mapping for editing CSS

Two Methods for Retaining Div Aspect Ratio

8 May 2015

Two method for retaining div and other html block elements aspect ratio

How to Merge Two Git Repositories

7 May 2015

How to merge two git repositories

Launch Vim With No Plugins or Settings

7 May 2015

How to launch vim with no plugins or settings

Beaker Freak Gif

1 May 2015

This is one of the best gifs I've seem im a while...

Move It Move It Gif

24 April 2015

Yes Another Super Gif

24 April 2015

A super gif this one...