Two Methods for Retaining Div Aspect Ratio

8 May 2015

Two method for retaining div and other html block elements aspect ratio

Launch Vim With No Plugins or Settings

7 May 2015

How to launch vim with no plugins or settings

How to Merge Two Git Repositories

7 May 2015

How to merge two git repositories

Beaker Freak Gif

1 May 2015

This is one of the best gifs I've seem im a while...

Move It Move It Gif

24 April 2015

Yes Another Super Gif

24 April 2015

A super gif this one...

Super Read -> More Weight Doesn't Mean More Wait

20 April 2015

Very informative and interesting article from the Filament Group about ways to increase web page performance without necessarily reducing page size.

Readable Wearables

15 April 2015

Will people use their watch-like device for browsing the web? Of course they will!!

Awesomplete by Lea Verou

15 April 2015

Awesomplete by Lea Verou - an ultra lightweight, simple autocomplete widget with zero dependencies - Look pretty neat!!