Thought Leadership Gif

20 July 2015

Another super gif

Nope Gif

26 June 2015

Just a great gif

Wine Dregs

24 June 2015

Wine Dregs colour - a tweet by @RGB_Colours

Daffy Duck Gif

23 June 2015

I love Daffy Duck

Coworker's Unattended Mac Tweet

19 June 2015

Some tweets are just too good not to save is some way... Like this one.

Remove Individual Stylesheets or Javascript Files from Joomla! Head

17 June 2015

How to easily remove specific CSS Stylesheets or Javascript files form the Joomla! header.

Joomla! Styleguide Component

17 June 2015

Styleguides are very 'de rigueur' at the moment. This Joomla! component is an attempt to put some style guide love into the popular CMS

The One-Minute Test — UIE Brain Sparks — Medium

16 June 2015

Interesting idea to get the most out of meetings...

Adactio: Journal—Web! What is it good for?

29 May 2015

Some great thought on the nature of the web

Awesome Dead Parrot Gif

26 May 2015

Just an swesome dead parott fig