Git --assume-unchanged Problem When Switching Branches

I had a problem switching to a different branch when using git --assume-unchanged. I've been using this command as a lazy git ignore and found it quite useful.

However, I recently tried to switch a branch when I had marked a config file --assume-unchanged and had the following error:

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout: configuration.php Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can switch branches. Aborting

A bit of reaserch turned up this Stackoverflow article which suggested that skip-worktree would solve the problem:

--assume-unchanged assumes that a developer shouldn’t change a file. This flag is meant for improving performance for not-changing folders like SDKs.

--skip-worktree is useful when you instruct git not to touch a specific file ever because developers should change it. For example, if the main repository upstream hosts some production-ready configuration files and you don’t want to accidentally commit changes to those files, --skip-worktree is exactly what you want.

So I ran the command: git update-index ----skip-worktree config

I then tried to checkout my other branch and got the same message...

So I gave up being lazy and just put my config in .gitignore and removed it from the git cache.

I then tried to check out by other branch again and yet again had the same error message! Now I'm a bit worried about what's going on.

A quick git status showed me the config file deletion waiting to be commited. I did that and then was able to checkout my other branch.

I seem to have got myself down a little rabit hole here...

Date: Friday 20th November 2015