Show History of Changes to Specific File with Git

6 March 2018

I am always having to google this to find the correct command. I often need to see a history of changes to a specific file.

Set User and Group Permissions Correctly in Linux (Ubuntu)

20 November 2017

I often struggle to get the file permissions set up correctly in Linux, especially in a web server setup.

Open all Changed and Unstaged Files from Git in Vim

6 November 2017

Terminal Alias to Open All Files Tracked as Changed and Untrcked files from Git in Vim

Open all files from a specific Git Commit in Vim

31 October 2017

Terminal Alias to Open All Files from a Specific Commit in Vim

Git Diff Show Changes on Branch Only

19 July 2017

Super handy vim tip I've just discovered

Go to last file and last cursor location in Vim

12 June 2017

Super handy vim tip I've just discovered

Auto Format Entire Document in Vim

24 April 2017

How to auto format an entire document in Vim

Interactive History of Vim Commands

3 April 2017

Get up an interactive history of commands.

Eventbrite API Event Series Query with Ticket Data

22 March 2017

How to query a repeating Eventbrite event via the Eventbrite API and get available remaining tickets.

How To Get In Interative History Of Commands In Vim

17 February 2017

As provided by the excellent @MasteringVim on Twitter