Gzip Log Files

28 September 2020

How to gzip a number of log files, putting a number in the file extention

Getting Directory Sizes in Terminal

22 July 2020

I always struggle to remember these commands

My GNU Screen Cheetsheet

10 June 2020

Some quick references for managing GNU Sreen

MySql Import and Export Toolbox

4 June 2020

A collection of basic mysql db import and export commands

Bypass Chrome Certificate / Sercurity Error

4 June 2020

I keep forgetting how to do this, so leaving this here for myself...

Sharing Docker Volumes

25 February 2020

I got confused seeing &volume and *volume in a docker-compose.yml file...

Elasticsearch Docker Container Keeps Crashing

30 January 2020

How to stop Elascticsearch container from repeatedly crashing due to memory issues

We build our computer(systems)...

30 December 2019

Great Tweet

Keep Processes Running After Disconnecting SSH

5 December 2019

How to keep proceses / app running after ending an SSH session with the screen command.

Case Insensitve Search with Ack

4 December 2019

How to use Ack on command line to peform a search which is case insenstive.