sed Command to search and replace in multiple files

25 May 2022

One-liner sed / ack command to search for a string in miltiple files then replace it.

Find the last system shutdown or reboot times on Ubuntu

12 January 2022

Quick and easy terminal command "last"

How to get your public IP address in the terminal

7 December 2021

A few options of how to get your public IP address in the terminal

Search in multiple tar files for specific string

12 November 2021

Search in multiple tar files (not gzipped) for a specific string

setup:di:compile is a great debugging tool

25 June 2021

Magento 2 can be a bit enigmatic when having errors. di:compile can sometimes give you good info on why something is not working...

A Few of my Favourite Zip Commands

31 March 2021

Just a few example zip / gzip / bzip commands for reference.

Use curly braces

11 December 2020

Tip - Use curly braces in the command-line to quickly create multiple related files with less typing.

Basic Ubuntu File System Cleanup Commands

20 November 2020

A handful of basic commands you can use to free up some space on an Ubuntu server

Gzip Log Files

28 September 2020

How to gzip a number of log files, putting a number in the file extention

Getting Directory Sizes in Terminal

22 July 2020

I always struggle to remember these commands