A Few of my Favourite Zip Commands

31 March 2021

Just a few example zip / gzip / bzip commands for reference.

Use curly braces

11 December 2020

Tip - Use curly braces in the command-line to quickly create multiple related files with less typing.

Basic Ubuntu File System Cleanup Commands

20 November 2020

A handful of basic commands you can use to free up some space on an Ubuntu server

Gzip Log Files

28 September 2020

How to gzip a number of log files, putting a number in the file extention

Getting Directory Sizes in Terminal

22 July 2020

I always struggle to remember these commands

My GNU Screen Cheetsheet

10 June 2020

Some quick references for managing GNU Sreen

MySql Import and Export Toolbox

4 June 2020

A collection of basic mysql db import and export commands

Bypass Chrome Certificate / Sercurity Error

4 June 2020

I keep forgetting how to do this, so leaving this here for myself...

Sharing Docker Volumes

25 February 2020

I got confused seeing &volume and *volume in a docker-compose.yml file...

Elasticsearch Docker Container Keeps Crashing

30 January 2020

How to stop Elascticsearch container from repeatedly crashing due to memory issues