What Design Is...

2 June 2016

espite popular opinion, design is not about Sketch, style guides, or pushing pixels, it is the act of intentionally solving problems.

Web Making

22 April 2016

Another great tweet that I want to keep...

Web Dev Axioms to Live By

22 April 2016

Another great tweet that I want to keep...

Infinite Vim Monkey Theorem

28 February 2016

Infinite Vim Monkey Theorem

How to Change the Last Character in a String to Uppercase in MySQL

11 February 2016

This is how I changed the last character of some data in a database from lowercase to uppercase

10 February 2016

Load Joomla! Template File From Separate View

Joomla! Template Equals Component

1 February 2016

Did you know that that you could do this to override the Joomla! view still further...?

Never Design The Home Page First

14 January 2016

Great web design Pro Tip.

The Pressing Need to Overtake

18 December 2015

Why do most motorists seem to feel it's essential to overtake cyclists as soon as possible?

2 Hard Things in Computer Science

10 December 2015

I've long been a fan of this great programming quote from Phil Karlton