Eventbrite API Event Series Query with Ticket Data

22 March 2017

How to query a repeating Eventbrite event via the Eventbrite API and get available remaining tickets.

How do I pull a native DOM element from a jQuery object?

17 February 2017

How do I pull a native DOM element from a jQuery object?

How To Get In Interative History Of Commands In Vim

17 February 2017

As provided by the excellent @MasteringVim on Twitter

Create Wordpress User in phpMyadmin SQL

16 February 2017

A simple bit of SQL will create a Wordpres User

Magento 1 Rest Api Multiple SKU Query

10 February 2017

It took me a long time to track down this solution to get multiple products out of the Magento Rest API... But here's the solution.

Open All Files Staged in Git in Vim

9 February 2017

Terminal command to open all files that are staged in Git in Vim.

Find Magento Layout Handle for Current Controller/Action

3 February 2017

Debugging technique to find which layout handle you need to add or edit in layout xml file.

Open URL in Vim in Default Browser

25 January 2017

How to open the URL under the cursor in Vim in the operating systems default browser.

Magento block caching

20 January 2017

Selective Git Add

19 January 2017

There is more than one way to add file to Git