Keep Processes Running After Disconnecting SSH

I use ssh a lot... I love it and am a big fan.

Sometimes when on ssh, you want to disconnect from the remote server, but leave things running (processes / vim / etc etc).

I have only just discovered that this is possible using screen.

I don't know why I haven't discovered it before...!

To use it, ssh to the remote server & type: screen

Then just carry on as normal...

Press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-D to detach your screen but leave the processes running.

You can now log out, get on with your life... then when you ssh back to the server later simply type screen -r to resume your screen session and you'll be back where you started!

For bonus points you can run multiple screen sessions on the same server by naming the session, eg. screen -S 1.

Date: Thursday 5th December 2019