The Pressing Need to Overtake

I cycle.

Every day.

Well, most working days. I cycle to work.

When you cycle a lot it is very easy to develop a sizable chip on your shoulder about motorists. I try to resist this as clearly, not all motorist are evil fuckers... However there are enough who are to easily develop a prejudice against them all.

There is one things that intrigues me a lot about some motorists. Many, but not all, seem to feel it is essential to overtake as soon as possible. This is regardless of any other factors such as; road conditions, oncoming traffic or general road safety.

I have been overtaken by motorists whilst on my bike in the craziest of situations. On sharp bends, at road junctions, on roundabouts, in horrendous weather conditions, to name but a few.

I guess most people are not mad keen on overtaking generally, but many people don't seem to treat overtaking a cyclist in the same way they would treat overtaking a fellow motorist. But the clue is in the name! If you are overtaking you are performing an overtaking manoeuvre... Please think about before you act!


I stumbled accross this video from Chris Boardman on how to overtake a cyclist... if you're interested...

Date: Friday 18th December 2015