The One-Minute Test — UIE Brain Sparks — Medium

Meeting can be a bit of a roller coaster. Sometimes they're great, sometimes they're terrible. Sometimes they're both!

I really like this idea written about on [http://medium.com].

Often, when we meet with design teams, we’ll reserve a few minutes at the tail end of the meeting to do an unusual type of wrap-up. We ask each participant in the meeting to, on a sheet of paper, answer the following three questions with a total time limit of 60-seconds:

  • What was the big idea? (What was the most important thing you heard at the meeting?)
  • What was your big surprise? (What was the thing you saw or heard that surprised you the most?)
  • What’s your big question? (What’s the biggest unanswered question you have at this time?)

The One-Minute Test — UIE Brain Sparks — Medium

Everyones answers are then discussed either by participants reading out what they have written or if the meeting was a bit tense, answers can be collected and read out by a moderator.

Again, I do like this idea, although I'm not completely sure of the practicality of doing this at every meeting!

Date: Tuesday 16th June 2015