Two Methods for Retaining Div Aspect Ratio

I recently found that I needed to maintain the aspect ratio of a div as the browser resizes. I wanted to maintain the ratio as I was using it as part of an image slide show.

I found 2 good solutions, one seemingly a lot simpler than the other. However I can't work out if one is better than the other...

Solution 1

If the vertical paddings (and margins) are specified in percent (%) values the size is a percent of the width of the containing element.

So if you write:

width: 50%; height: 0; padding-bottom: 50%;

you get a fluid square box with only a three row CSS declaration.

Full CSS Fluid Squares (or Rectangles, or... - position: absolute;

Solution 2



Aspect ratio of 1:1

We need two block elements to achieve the desired behaviour. No images, no Javascript.


.box{ position: relative; width: 50%;width/* desired width */ } .box:before{ content: ""; display: block; padding-top: 100%; /* initial ratio of 1:1*/ }


I do love using pseudo elements, hover solution 1 does seem significantly simpler...

Date: Friday 8th May 2015