How to Merge Two Git Repositories

So I've switched this site from our friend Wordpress to a flat file CMS based site... There a few reasons why I decided to do this, but largely I did it for fun!

I love me some git and wanted to preserve the git history of this site...

I developed the new version of the site in a seperate repository. But there came a point where I had to bite the bullit and merge the old site and the new.

The best basic description I found on line for how to merge two git repositories is below.

Clone both repositories into the same directory and go into repo A:

$ git clone A $ git clone B $ cd A

Add a remote called B that points to the repo B (do git remote -v to view your remotes), and fetch copies of all B’s branches:

$ git remote add B ../B $ git fetch B

To view all B’s branches that we’ve just fetched, do git branch -a. You should see B/master in the list. Now, still in repo A, create a branch called B-master in repo A that tracks B/master.

$ git branch B-master B/master

If you’re not already in the master branch, check it out, then merge B-master into A’s master.

$ git merge B-master

Assuming you have no merge conflicts, you’re done!

Source Merging two git repositories | Platformability

I basically followed these instructions, but added in a step where I deleted the existing site in branch B before I merged in the new site repo...

It seems to have worked!!

Date: Thursday 7th May 2015