Joomla 3 Layouts

I've been working with Joomla! for quite a while now and feel that I've pretty much mostly got the hang of it (except when I feel that I don't).

I've been using HTML overrides more and more lately. They are are very powerful way to control how your website is rendered. Although a lot of of what I do with overrides is just tidy em up so that the final HTML looks better!

I've only just started to build my first Joomla! 3 website and was putting together a blog section. I wanted the article titles to be h3 not the default h2. So I naturally looked to use an HTML override.

However I found this in the file I wanted to override:

<?php echo JLayoutHelper::render('joomla.content.blog_style_default_item_title', $this->item); ?>

After a bit of investigation I found this information on the docs.joomla.org website.

It is common that parts of pages are replicated across several views inside an extension, or even across several extensions. Examples might be:
  • an extension sharing some display layouts between front-end and backend views, or with one or more modules
  • backend extensions that have some common settings, and thus have to replicate common display layouts to allow users to change them

Up until Joomla! 3.0, the loading (and template overriding) of layout files was restricted to a given view. The JLayout interface and set of classes was added to Joomla! 3.0 to help solve this very problem. It encapsulates a layout and the data required to display it so that they can be reused across views and extensions

The upshot of this is that for some elements within a Joomla! 3 template that you may wish to override you'll need to create layout overrides.

E.g. for this specific scenario I created a layouts/joomla/content folder structure in my template html override folder. The full path being, templates/[templatename]/html/layouts/joomala/content/.

I then copied the blog_stle_default_item_title.php file from the main layouts folder into my new override folder. I then modified the h2 tags in that file accordingly... Simples!

Date: Friday 11th April 2014