Important SEO Factors in 2015

1 Mobile

Google has started showing the term "Mobile Friendly" in their search results. The balance is tipping towards a mobile first SEO strategy.

2 Content

As we all know "Content is King" But your content must be unique, serve a purpose and naturally make people want to share and link to it.

3 Social

Many studies show correlations between high rankings and high numbers of social shares. Matt Cutts tells us correlation doesn't mean causation, but do we believe him?

4 Link Building

Google has recently refreshed their Penguin algorithm to continue their war against manipulative link building. Stop "building" links and start earning them with quality content.

5 Security

Google has announced that secure websites (HTTPS rather HTTP) will receive a minor boost in the rankings. Not important if you don't take payments or collect sensitive personal information.

6 Local

Google recently released an algorithm called Google Pigeon to enable them to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results.

7 Wearable Technology

If smart watches like the Apple Watch take off like the iPhone and iPad that could change the web design and SEO industries completely!

Date: Friday 20th March 2015