Git Remote Branches

Git is awesome, no question and the more I use it the more confident I am with it and generally happy with the world I am!

If you want to pull a branch into your repository from a remote one (not necessarily the origin of the one you're working in) the process is fairly simple:

commands to track remote branch git checkout -b [remotename][branch]

This starts tracking the remote branch and checks it out for you.

then git pull [remote][branch]

This pulls across any changes in that remote branch.

eg git checkout -b dev/area-list-amends git pull dev area-list-amends

I do seem to keep having the same issue with git… A lot of what I want to do is really quite simple, but a lot of the time the simple answer is hard to find… Do you know what I mean?

Hopefully the above gives you an easy solution to what you are trying to do!

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Date: Thursday 4th April 2013